The House has 29 en-suite rooms, all meeting or exceeding the National Minimum Standard. We supply bed, curtains and bed linen. The Residents have exclusive use of their rooms and are welcome to bring personal items and any of their own furniture that can be safely accommodated in their room. All rooms are centrally heated and are connected to a call system with privacy locks on doors. Each room has a lockable facility to secure valuables and personal items.

Social Rooms

There is a large lounge, library, separate dining room and conservatory on the ground floor, with central heating throughout. Our Residents are encouraged to use the communal rooms.


We have a no-smoking policy throughout the House. There is a dedicated outside area for smokers.


Prospective residents can be shown around the House by appointment and we offer trial visits, including a short-term stay, so that they can meet staff and get a feel for what life is like at David Gresham House.

All applications for residence are subject to a full care needs assessment prior to acceptance onto our waiting list and there is always an eight weeks trial period for a new resident.


Fees are payable monthly in advance by standing order and are reviewed annually

The fees include all care and accommodation costs, heating and lighting, food, chiropody and basic hand nail care as well as personal laundry, which is done on the premises.

The fees do not include the costs of newspapers or periodicals, personal telephone and broadband, Sky tv, hairdressing, dry cleaning, treatments by dentists or opticians, the purchase of clothing or personal effects, insurance of personal items and certain outside entertainment or travel costs.

Residents’ Care Plans

Each care plan is developed with the involvement of the Resident and family. Once developed, the care plan will be reviewed regularly and updated as required to reflect any changing needs and to ensure that the objectives for health, personal and social care are met.

With the Resident’s consent, family members are encouraged to participate in the reviews of the care plans as far as is practicable.

Monitoring and Quality

The Executive Committee and Registered Manager closely monitor services, policies and procedures within David Gresham House to maintain the high quality service that we offer. Attention to the smallest detail is pivotal to everything that we do.

An important part of our quality programme is the involvement of Residents and their relatives in meetings when comments on the House, the staff, and services we provide can be discussed. This includes an invitation to the Annual General Meeting held at David Gresham House.

Each year we invite Residents, relatives and friends to complete a questionnaire; the answers help us to continue to provide a quality service. Policies involving the general well-being of Residents are reviewed on a regular basis and are available on request.

We are regularly inspected by the CQC – a copy of our most recent inspection report is available from The Care Quality Commission website – and is also available to view at David Gresham House.


David Gresham House has a clear policy and follows stringent Department of Health guidelines for all aspects of the handling of medication. A monitored dosage system is in use at the present time. Residents may wish to deal with their own medication or have the Care staff deal with it. A record of all prescribed medication is kept, even when it is self-administered.

Contact with Families and Friends

Family and friends are encouraged to visit regularly and maintain contact by letter or telephone when visiting is not possible.

Visitors are welcome at any time; meals can be provided with adequate notice and at a reasonable cost. All visitors must sign the register on arrival and departure from the house.

Residents have the right to refuse to see visitors; this right will be respected and up-held by the Duty Senior who will, if necessary, inform the visitors of the Resident’s wishes.


A full programme of activities, varying from week to week, is provided. Sample activities include:bridge and scrabble; film and slide shows; exercise classes; music; speakers on a range of topics; bingo; visits to nearby places of interest, for example Hever Castle; Sunday services, making greetings cards and British Legion poppies. Internet access is available in the library and there is also a shop in the reception.

David Gresham House Menus

We offer our Residents a good selection of food and a varied diet. We endeavour to provide meals that will cater for individual preference and dietary needs, with a daily choice of meat, fish, vegetarian and salad dishes. The weekly menu is displayed on the main notice board.

The Resident’s choice of breakfast is served in their own room at 8.00 a.m. Lunch is served in the dining room at 12.45 p.m. and supper at 6.00 p.m. These are regarded as social occasions and meals will be served to Residents in their rooms only if they are unwell or on special request.

Mid-morning drinks are served around 11.00 a.m., afternoon tea is at 3p.m., and a night drink is served at 9.00 p.m.

Sample Menu

Day Breakfast Lunch Vegetables Supper
Sun Cereal & requests Roast beef with yorkshire pud
Duck with orange sauce
choice from the sweet trolley
Roast pots
Buffet Supper
Cake selection
Mon Cereal & requests Sausage plait Tuna pasta bake
choice from the sweet trolley
G beans
Toasted sandwich
Carrot & orange soup
Stuffed mushroom
Choice from the sweet trolley
Tues Cereal & requests Chicken stuffed with apricot wrapped in bacon
Baked trout with crème fraiche dill and lemon
choice from the sweet trolley
Lyonnaise pots
Mange tout
Ham, egg and chips
French onion soup
Spaghetti bolognaise
Choice from the sweet trolley
Wed Cereal & requests Roast pork with apple sauce, sage & onion
choice from the sweet trolley
Roast pots
Cheese & potato pie
Chicken soup
Scampi salad
Choice from the sweet trolley
Thur Cereal & requests Turkey with cranberry gravy
Meatballs in tomato sauce
choice from the sweet trolley
Sauted sprouts
Scrambled egg on toast
Asparagus soup
Vegetable lasagne
Choice from the sweet trolley
Fri Cereal & requests Fish
Choice from the sweet trolley
B beans
Cauliflower cheese
Vegetable soup
Chicken soup
Choice from the sweet trolley
Sat Cereal & requests Chicken & ham pie
Choice from the sweet trolley
Egg salad
Tomato soup
Fishfingers and chips
Choice from the sweet trolley

AVAILABLE LUNCHTIME – Choice of Fish, Salad, Jacket Potato, Omelette or Vegetarian Option
Morning Coffee/Tea with home made biscuits will be served at 11.00am
Afternoon Tea/Coffee with home made cake will be served at 3.00pm

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An exempt charity, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.