Kind, friendly and attentive care

"On behalf of the family, I would like to express our grateful thanks to Pam and all the staff at David Gresham House for the way you have looked after our mother, 'Ciss' Billington, who passed away on 21st August at the age of 102 years.

She moved to David Gresham House on 26th February 2011 and we understand she had the longest term of residence to date.

We cannot fault the quality of care provided for hygiene, medical, meals and social activities, and have always been pleased to report this when asked by NHS or Social Services.

Your care throughout her stay has been kind, friendly and attentive which no doubt contributed to her long and happy stay with you.

We appreciate the last couple of years have not been easy for the residents or indeed for the staff, but you have weathered the storm to the credit of all concerned.

Needless to say, we would not hesitate to recommend David Gresham House to anyone looking for a first class care home either for themselves or for an elderly relative."

Janet M, Daughter of Resident

Compassionate and caring staff

"A well run residential home with compassionate, caring staff and a good management team. Residents are happy and well cared for, and their individual needs are taken into consideration. I would wholeheartedly recommend this home based on my experience being a regular visitor for over a decade."

Jill D

The staff were amazing

"The whole experience was satisfactory. The staff were amazing. My room was good. I felt the food could be much better. I had cornflakes and toast for breakfast but 100% sure they were inferior brands. The rest of the food was adequate but not great. I know the residents are quite elderly but there could have been more facilities during the day. The lunches and dinners were in a strict routine - 40 minutes from sitting to leaving."

Wonderful care for my Uncle

"David Gresham House provided wonderful care for Uncle. Treated like family. A very comfortable clean well-kept room, lovely home-cooked food which was very much enjoyed. There are well-organised activities that can be joined in with if it takes your fancy. It has been reassuring to know he was being so well cared for."

Carol L, Niece of Resident

What a fabulous place

"The best decision my uncle and I made was to move him from his flat to David Gresham House. It’s such a friendly, inviting home that doesn’t feel like a care home at all - and yet the care is there in everything the brilliant staff do, from the daily banter to making the rooms feel homely and practical - nothing is too much trouble.

The Covid care has been absolutely exemplary and I’m so grateful my uncle was there during the pandemic where I knew he would be safe but have company and support.

If I see out my days at David Gresham House I will be a very lucky man indeed."

Ben F, Nephew of Resident

Perfect place for recuperation

"Thank you so much for taking me for Respite Care. It was definitely a perfect place to be for recuperation and the room was lovely. Everyone was so kind and helpful."

Resident at David Gresham House

Proactive team

"The staff were very supportive and presented as proactive members of the team, ensuring all Residents were well looked after."

Thomas Kenny, Team Lead Community Physiotherapy Service

Very happy

"We are very happy as a family how Abbeyfield has protected all residents, including our mother, during the Covid pandemic."

Paul A, Son of Resident

A great home for my mother

"My mother came for five weeks respite and stayed for five years. She was without doubt very happy at David Gresham House, and we can't thank all of the staff enough for their consistently kind and professional work that made it such a great home for my mother and also a real pleasure for us to visit."

Michael B, Son of Resident

David Gresham House is a lovely care home

"David Gresham House is a lovely care home with friendly, genuinely caring staff who are consistently employed at this one home so residents can get to know and trust them. Mum arrived very weak, confused and almost unable to mobilise - needing respite care after several hospital visits. She immediately felt safe and cared for - no request too much trouble. She has recovered strength and with private physio can now mobilise. With staff encouragement, she has regained confidence and has been able to pick up old interests. There is a lively social life and varied activities. Food is very good and homemade though vegetarian options are limited - a minor detail. Rooms are bright, airy and spotless. Before arriving, Mum hated the idea of living in a care home but has now decided that she is happier there and has chosen to move in permanently which speaks for itself. Staff have helped coordinate medical care with outside agencies and the family is kept well-informed. We never feel that calls/visits are a nuisance."

Julia R, Daughter of Resident

Impressed by the welcoming feeling in the house

"My friend, who is 94, has been in David Gresham House for nearly four years. As she has no relatives, I have visited regularly and have always been impressed by the welcoming feeling in the house. The staff are all attentive and caring. There is a huge variety of activities in which the residents can take part, some of which are carried out by volunteer committee members and some by staff. It is part of the local community and, before Covid, morning coffee and afternoon tea were taken around by local volunteers. The food seems to be excellent and the residents can choose their meals from a weekly menu.
During Covid, everything has been done to keep all safe but amusements were maintained and the staff were very helpful in keeping relatives in contact with the residents.
I have recommended David Gresham House in the past and would certainly do so in the future."

Sheila S, Friend of Resident

One of the strengths of David Gresham House is its lovely volunteers

"We have been relieved to be able to have visits back in my mother’s room in the last few months and have been delighted to have her with us for the odd luncheon with a handful of the family present. Every care is taken to ensure that all the residents and staff are kept safe with the expectancy of negative Flow Tests and forms filled out for every person likely to be in contact with my mother.

I am disappointed that David Gresham House volunteers have not been permitted to return. I do hope that this will start to happen again soon, perhaps once everyone entering the building has had a booster jab. One of the strengths of David Gresham House is its lovely volunteers, as they bring fresh energy and interest to the residents. My mother was able to have a change of room earlier this year, which has made a difference to her restricted life."

Trudy W, Daughter of Resident

Our mother is very happy and only has kind words to say

"My sister and I have found David Gresham House to be very considerate of our mother's needs and have always kept us informed of any changes, especially in such a difficult time. Our mother is very happy and only has kind words to say, which is unusual for her! We would both thoroughly recommend David Gresham House for respite or residential."

Sally E, Daughter of Resident

Their handling of care during the pandemic has been exemplary

"My mother has been in care at David Gresham House for over ten years and is approaching her 102nd birthday. She has been extremely well cared for from the start, being a mobile and relatively active 90-year-old to one who now needs additional care and attention, which is well provided.

The staff are efficient, caring and attentive and the home is well managed with good staffing levels.

Communication with the management and staff is excellent and the residents are provided with good meals and a wide range of activities and entertainment.

Their handling of care during the pandemic has been exemplary with rules being strictly adhered to.

My mother is comfortable and content with her environment and said to me on my last visit: "They really do look after me here, don't they". I fully agree with her!"

Janet M, Daughter of Resident

Care and well-being is at the forefront of everything they do

"I have been impressed by the professionalism, helpfulness and general care afforded to my mother since her admission in August. Communication throughout has been very good and the feedback I receive from my mother provides me with comfort in the knowledge that her care and well-being is at the forefront of everything they do."

Nick H, Son of Resident

The staff are great at communicating with me regarding Mum

"My mum has been a resident at David Gresham house for twenty months after becoming unable to look after herself in her own home. I’m so relieved that she is well cared for and safe there, it’s a huge responsibility lifted from me, and the staff are great at communicating with me regarding Mum. The staff are very attentive to her needs and care. Covid has made everything so much more difficult since Mum arrived just as we had the first lockdown, but the manager and staff have adapted admirably and I have nothing but praise for them. Everyone has been amazing!

I have recommended David Gresham House to people I know who are looking for a safe, caring, understanding environment for their loved ones. I will only do that when I’m totally happy with the care my own mum receives and am confident that I can support my recommendations 100%.

There are always activities for the residents which they join in with, and apparently, according to Mum, the food is lovely!"

Debra B, Daughter of Resident

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