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David Gresham House

Set in its own attractive landscaped grounds and within walking distance of local shops and train station, David Gresham House offers a relaxed but secure homely environment. We provide the appropriate individually assessed levels of care essential to uphold the privacy, independence and dignity of every one of our Residents.

We offer a daily programme of activities, both within David Gresham House and outside.

Residents are encouraged to take part in these to help maintain mental alertness, self-esteem and social interaction with others.

Our Registered Statement

The Society aims to provide its Residents with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their 24 hour per day care, well-being and comfort are of prime importance.

It is the Society’s aim that its Residents should live as full and active life as their health will allow, enjoying the respect of those who support them, with their dignity preserved and their privacy ensured. It is our belief that Residents living in an elderly care setting have the same rights as any other individual member of society. Living in an Abbeyfield home should afford feelings of safety, security and companionship, without losing the right of individual freedom.

Current Availability


We currently have 3 independent living flats to rent. Residents must be able to walk up two flights of stairs if the lift is being serviced or out of action. This accommodation can be shared with a partner/spouse.

Residential rooms

We currently have a few residential rooms to rent giving 24-hour supervised care. We are not a Dementia care or Nursing Home.

For more information please call 01883 715948 or email us.

Email us

No more loneliness

At David Gresham House, we are acutely aware of our Residents’ need for social contact, chatter and laughter. We strive to banish the loneliness felt by many older people living on their own and we are proud to offer our Residents an active, sociable living environment.

Our Activity Coordinator makes sure that there’s always something going on, whilst in warmer weather we organise days out shopping and visiting local places of interest and even the occasional picnic in the garden.

Our staff and volunteers are on hand to help out and to ensure that every event is an enjoyable and rewarding occasion.

Our Activities Coordinator will publish a list of varied daily activities each month for the Residents.

Regular activities

  • Bridge and board games
  • Films and slide shows
  • Regular exercise classes
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Music, art and craft workshops
  • Sunday services
  • Talks and poetry readings by guest speakers
  • Pets as therapy
  • Quizzes and games
  • Carpet bowls




Ensuite Rooms

The fees for the Standard Care Ensuite Rooms at David Gresham House are in three categories, depending upon the amount of personal care each Resident requires each week/day. Personal care needs are monitored on a regular basis and fees may be adjusted accordingly. Fees are payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit and are reviewed annually.

Standard Care Ensuite Room

Category A: Up to 7 hours of personal care per week.
£4,000 per calendar month

Category B: 8-14 hours of personal care per week.
£4,300 per calendar month

Category C: 15 or more hours of personal care per week.
£4,600 per calendar month

Respite Ensuite Rooms

£160.00 per day

Please note that an assessment will be carried out prior to respite admission to ensure that we are able to provide the individual personal care needed.

Day Care

£75.00 per day.

Includes meals, drinks and activities.

Please note that an assessment will be carried out prior to day care admission to ensure that we are able to provide the individual personal care needed.


£40.00 (upon request)

Guest Rooms

Single Full Board:
£60.00 per day

Double Full Board:
£80.00 per day

Guest Meals

Lunch: £13.00
Supper: £8.00

How do you fancy a career change!
Have you considered care!
Have you considered being part of a care home!
What about kitchen or domestic duties!

We are always looking for staff in all areas to help support our existing team on the Bank Staff.

Email us

or call 01883 715948 for more details.

Typical Weekly Menu

The weekly menu is also displayed on the main notice board at David Gresham House.


Roast Beef

Yorkshire Pudding

Roast Potatoes

Fresh Vegetable Selection



Lemon Mergingue Pie

Fresh Fruit Salad

Cheese & Biscuits



Cake Selection


Minced Beef & Onion Pie

Vegetable Lasagne

Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Bread

Fresh Vegetable Selection


Steamed Pear Pudding

Banana Mousse

Fresh Fruit Salad

Cheese & Biscuits


Vegetable Soup

Macaroni Cheese

Egg Salad

Bread Rolls

Every lunch and supper, there is the option of Ice Cream, Yoghurt and Jelly from the sweet trolley

Every lunchtime, there is the option of Jacket Potato, Ham Salad, Cheese Salad or Omelette